• Non-Combustible
    Steel Modular Manufacturing
    Continuously challenging the limits of modular manufacturing—BCT Structures
    manufactures non-combustible steel-framed buildings.
  • Kitchen, Dining & Recreation Rooms,
    Hospitality Facilities
    Functional facilities that incorporates ammenities including gyms,
    theatre rooms, golf simulators and more.
  • Classrooms
    Modular for Every Need
    These days, modular manufacturing can be incorporated into almost any complex
    structural environment. Building modular helps the environment, increases overall safety,
    reduces costs and often significantly decreases turnaround time!
  • Oil and Gas
    With a long history of oil and gas camp manufacturing, BCT Structures
    offers complete solutions including lodging, kitchens, recreation rooms and more.

About BCT Structures

Our flexible manufacturing enables us to build to your specification without compromising quality.

Driven to lead the turnkey custom modular manufacturing business, BCT Structures delivers smart, efficient, green modular building solutions. Built on a foundation of trust that we’ve earned over the years with our clients, BCT works with owners, architects, engineers and contractors to design and build custom, innovative and award - winning modular buildings.
From the integration of a leading-edge design platform, developed and managed through building information modeling, BCT has transcended the profile of the modular box. We constantly strive to think outside the traditional parameters of modular buildings to design and engineer the best structures that suit both function and budget.


Quality and Safety
Smarter modular construction relies on advanced building information modeling for design collaboration with all the professional stakeholders.


Time and Cost Savings
BCT's involvement on a project is multi-faceted, generating various cost saving and risk mitigation streams while remaining competitive on capital cost.


Environmentally Friendly
Our Green building approach to design and manufacturing conserves energy and resources, generates less waste and performs well in function and over time.
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